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100 Tavern Names

  1. The Piss and Whistle
  2. The bar is called the Setting Sun and the inn next door is called The Rising Sun
  3. The Fishy Smell – bar down by the docks. There’s a mermaid on the sign (giggity).
  4. The Red Lion
  5. The Redder Lion (these two bars, own by bitter siblings, pretend to hate each other to increase business)
  6. The Hobbit Hole – the entrance is human sized but it shaped like the door to Bilbo Baggin’s house
  7. The Slouching Troll
  8. Ms. Mary’s Mistake – owned and operated by Ms. Mary’s son….yep.
  9. Fortune’s Wheel – drink of the night: spin the wheel and find out
  10. The Black Gate
  11. The Shadow of the Castle – is in the shadow of the castle in town.
  12. The Giddy Griffin Inn and Tavern
  13. Brazen Beholder Brews and Benches
  14. The Setting Sun
  15. The Bawdy Winch Brew Hall
  16. The Rusty Blade
  17. The Hobbled Hobgoblin’s Hearth
  18. Lich Lord Libations
  19. The Wrinkled Shrimp
  20. The Grim Goblin
  21. The Silent Mistress
  22. The Rusty Nail
  23. The Winking Gnome
  24. The Broken Plow
  25. The Last Drop
  26. The Orcs Head
  27. The Happy Horse
  28. The Sunken Fairy
  29. The Step Right Inn
  30. The White Elephant
  31. The Road’s End
  32. The Keystone Roadhouse
  33. The Old Spoke Inn
  34. The Wagon Rut Tavern
  35. The Anchor Point Pub
  36. The Ginger Brew Pub
  37. The Quiet Eaves Lodge
  38. The Copper Sword Tavern
  39. The Axe And Bramble
  40. The Mustard Seed Tavern
  41. The Bee And Bugle
  42. The Cedar Hearth Lodge
  43. The Scale And Ale
  44. The Bog And Bard
  45. The Trodden Fork
  46. The Headless Dragon
  47. The Tenth Hell
  48. The Burning Blight
  49. The Blind Beholder
  50. The Squawking Cockatrice
  51. The Bronze Hook
  52. The Toothy grin
  53. The Don’t Go Inn
  54. The Abbot and the Duchess
  55. Slum Pickens
  56. Westgate Beds and Brewery
  57. The Hungry Bear Lodge. Run by a werebear.
  58. The Gobbler
  59. Ye Ol’ Tavern
  60. The Mighty Bite
  61. The Banshee’s Whale (sign has a chibiesque banshee riding a smiley whale)
  62. The Styx
  63. Forget Your Troubles
  64. Hag’s End
  65. The Emerald Wyrm
  66. The Seven Drunken Knights (adorn the insides with suits of armor, or even special drinks every day of the week)
  67. The Frisky Fairy
  68. The Staggering Paladin
  69. The Gutted Fish (a dockside alehouse, obviously. It smells bad and sailors fight a lot, so expect splittered wood tables)
  70. The Peckish Pixie
  71. The Broken Drum (can’t be beat)
  72. Pints and Potatoes
  73. The Thirsty Troll (with 2 for 1 Thirsty Thursdays)
  74. The Mule and The Mare
  75. The Chieftain and The Prince
  76. The Serpent and The Virgin
  77. Hag’s Head Inn
  78. The Molly Waggler
  79. The Olive Branch
  80. The Artful Lodger
  81. Coppershiner’s
  82. Gravida’s Glow
  83. The High Mandolin
  84. The Rare Lady
  85. The Amber Casks
  86. The Steamy Farmer
  87. The Drunk Duck
  88. The Camel’s Hump
  89. The Seaman’s Reign
  90. The Fermented Badger
  91. The Salty Scuffer
  92. New Beginnings – A tavern run by a group of retired adventurers who decided to start a new life.
  93. The Good Knight’s Rest
  94. The Laughing Ogre
  95. Sleepless Scholar’s Inn
  96. Blackeyed Pete’s R&R
  97. The Lost Road Inn
  98. The Bronze Buckle
  99. The Salty Seadog
  100. The Gnashing Gnoll

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