100 Topics for a Campfire Story


Tell us a story about…

  1. Love
  2. Battle (before the events of the campaign)
  3. Hardship
  4. A personal triumph
  5. Friendship
  6. Family
  7. Faith or religion
  8. Survival
  9. Good
  10. Evil
  11. Politics
  12. A formative event in the your life
  13. Your personal philosophy
  14. Your culture
  15. A culture you have experienced unlike your own
  16. One of your hobbies
  17. Your passion
  18. Recent events (your opinion on it, how it affected you, etc.)
  19. Something funny
  20. Your greatest rival
  21. Something you admire/dislike about another party member
  22. Something you’ve stolen (or seen somebody steal)
  23. A controversial opinion
  24. What you would change about the world
  25. Your education
  26. Your childhood
  27. The scariest moment of your life
  28. Science and technology
  29. A regret or mistake
  30. A foolish childhood dream
  31. Heartbreak
  32. A painful memory
  33. Something you like about yourself
  34. Something you dislike about yourself
  35. Revenge
  36. A favorite tale of a hero of old
  37. An encounter with nature
  38. Your place in the world
  39. Something you still can’t explain
  40. A night you barely remember
  41. An internal struggle
  42. The best meal you’ve eaten
  43. The weirdest meal you’ve eaten
  44. Celebration
  45. Music
  46. Art
  47. An item you own
  48. Deception
  49. Betrayal
  50. Ingenuity
  51. Losing something important
  52. Doing the right thing
  53. Doing the wrong thing
  54. Being accused of something you didn’t do
  55. Seeing something you shouldn’t have
  56. Money
  57. An interaction with a stranger
  58. A monster
  59. The worst person you’ve ever known
  60. Someone you idolize
  61. A pet peeve
  62. A sexual encounter (or simply a romantic one, if the player is uncomfortable by this)
  63. Drugs
  64. Anger
  65. Someone you miss
  66. Something you will never do again
  67. A hidden talent/skill
  68. Beauty
  69. A good conversation you once had
  70. Justice
  71. Failure
  72. Magic
  73. Being in over your head
  74. Teamwork
  75. Jealousy
  76. Prejudice
  77. A realization you had about yourself
  78. Something you’ve realized since the start of this campaign
  79. A long journey
  80. Everything going wrong
  81. The best day of your life
  82. The worst day of your life
  83. Trying too hard
  84. A pet you once had (or someone else’s)
  85. An irrational fear
  86. A lie you’ve told
  87. Rebellion
  88. Trust
  89. What you miss most from back home
  90. Fashion/clothing
  91. A game
  92. Your hope for the future
  93. If you could go back in time
  94. Your thoughts on children
  95. Feeling powerful
  96. Feeling helpless
  97. Abandonment
  98. Finding something or someone you had lost
  99. The greatest prank you ever pulled/witnessed
  100. Feeling like the universe (i.e. the DM) is out to get you

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