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100 Items in a Cult’s Lair

One hundred different items you might find in a cult's hideout.

  1. The remains of several smashed treasure chests.
  2. A stash of worn rolled up floor tapestry rugs.
  3. A few small links of a broken gold chain.
  4. A rusted sword mounted over a fireplace.
  5. A few scattered counterfeit coins.
  6. A toppled pedestal.
  7. A shriveled beholder tentacle.
  8. Some shattered glass vials.
  9. Some torn and dirty gold trim.
  10. A broken walking stick, with empty grooves that once held jewels.
  11. A series of letters written by one of the cultists. The first one talks about how he’s found a great support group to help him with his depression. The next few letters talk about how the group has him do some weird stuff and he slowly begins to lose faith in the group. In the final letter he says he’s starting to think this is less of a support group and more of a cult.
  12. A skull with a symbol on the forehead.
  13. An ornate dagger, too intricate to be feasible in a real fight.
  14. A tapestry detailing some event, badly damaged and hard to decipher.
  15. Tome embroided in human flesh/ exotic leather (displacer beast).
  16. Candles everywhere (lots you can do with candles), different colour flames, small area effects etc.
  17. Spare robes.
  18. Immovable scrying orb.
  19. Scrolls in a dead language.
  20. Jars of blood, probably demon.
  21. Badge / wearable symbol.
  22. A ceremonial gold dagger with the runes painted in blood. Next to the dagger is a book covered in burned human flesh. The book has the words: Clato, Verata, Nickto.
  23. A chicken, walking around and pecking. It is white but the cult’s symbol is on its back and wings in darker feathers. There is no indication that this is not a natural phenomenon. The chicken is otherwise ordinary.
  24. A couple of vials containing hallucinatory substances.
  25. Ornate sacramental plates and goblets.
  26. A small shrine containing a skull that has been fractured in its lifetime (maybe a martyr).
  27. Limestone statues with heavily corroded features.
  28. A tarnished signet ring.
  29. Scrolls with texts in abyssal on them, which on closer inspection turn out to be nonsensical gibberish.
  30. A summoning circle etched into the floor, buried under a layer of dust.
  31. A leather satchel containing small bones.
  32. Sharp black claws, too big for animal you know.
  33. A bell in a stand, 1 ft in diameter and covered in eldritch runes, with a small mallet leaning against the stand.
  34. A pedestal with a ceramic bowl on top of it. The bowl is filled with a viscous blood-like liquid. Drinking that liquid will cause the PCs to enter a catatonic state and experience heavy hallucinations.
  35. A note written in a cell (think an area to keep sacrifices) from someone writing to their family.
  36. A small figurine of the creature that the cult worships.
  37. Letters from a cultist’s family member begging them to come home.
  38. A burnt offering of silk, cakes, and fruit.
  39. The holy symbol of another god stashed away by someone who wishes to stay faithful but is too scared to run.
  40. A small idol, whittled by hand from pear wood.
  41. The party wonders inside the hideout to find a several empty rooms. Two different living quarters, a ritual room, dinning area with an adjacent kitchen next door, and a storage room. All of the rooms expect the storage room are empty. Inside the party finds a box of liquor, and some aged food waiting to be cooked.
  42. Common magic item, non-combat item.
  43. Three animal furs, and a pile of bones.
  44. Cultists’ robes that look identical to eachother.
  45. A map that displays two other hideouts near by.
  46. A strange magic wand with unknown markings up and down the wand. The wand has lost its charge.
  47. A book that details the lore of a creature that is said to live in closest forest.
  48. A cage with terrified rats for sacrificing.
  49. A bag filled with humanoid organs.
  50. A small vial of some liquid kept around a necklace. When the vial is opened around the dead, it turns gaseous and raises a corpse into a zombie.
  51. Pots with an occasional ruby at the bottom.
  52. Hundreds of child sized shoes tossed in the corner.
  53. Tainted bottles of wine. Knocks you out for 1d4 hours.
  54. Incense, coals, and metal braziers.
  55. The skull of a drake.
  56. An ornately jeweled shofar.
  57. 1D6 lemures have made themselves at home in the abandoned hideout.
  58. 5D10 rats run out of their nest and run past the party. A very hungry and very angry giant rat runs towards the group.
  59. An unfinished wood carving of what seems to be their holy symbol or idol.
  60. A child’s skeleton, but it’s too old, brittle and dry that it’s very likely the cult had absolutely nothing to do with it.
  61. An animal’s mummified remains.
  62. An ink bottle, a quill and what seems to be a newly purchased book or journal. Only the first page has been written on it so far.
  63. Jar of troll flesh with a tiny skeletal hand popping out of the lid.
  64. A very nice tapestry. Tells the story of a famous hunter. Very common 50 years ago.
  65. A beautiful rug that was used for cultists praying.
  66. A nice wicker rocking chair.
  67. A tiny stool made of black wood.
  68. Five sets of snow shoes.
  69. Extra cyanide tablets.
  70. Sashes with the cult symbol embroidered on them.
  71. A set of thieves tools, a relic of a cultist’s previous life.
  72. Jars of honey that cause hallucinations.
  73. Many pairs of identical boots with an odd scratched symbol on the side.
  74. Meat hooks and chains.
  75. A book detailing inappropriate and explicit scenes about the cult’s object of worship. Upon closer inspection its suprisingly well writen. You feel the writing style and the handwriting familiar….
  76. A broken sword, covered in etchings that look like a hieronymus bosch painting.
  77. Four large garlands of garlic.
  78. 20 jars of fig jam.
  79. Large pot of dried coconut.
  80. An iron poker, shovel, and pincer for a fireplace.
  81. A jewelers set to appraise gems and metals.
  82. Assorted recruiting posters for the cult.
  83. Ebony skull mask with elongated jaw, carved with several necromantic runes atop the skull.
  84. Twelve different sized candles. Some of them have different color flames.
  85. A box of potions that are unlabeled.
  86. Mummification tools that look like they’ve recently been used.
  87. A vial of a strange moving liquid. If examined closely, it is a living ooze caught in a vial.
  88. A journal that depicts the cult’s rise and their future intentions.
  89. A minotaur skull with markings all over it written in chalk.
  90. Tablets that map out humanoid anatomy.
  91. A box of everburning torches.
  92. 1d20 days of rations. You notice that some of them have been spiked with a strange drug.
  93. A hidden torture chamber.
  94. A detailed guide on kidnapping and thievery.
  95. A large headdress that belongs to the Cult Shaman.
  96. A jar filled with preserved manticore eyes.
  97. A small bag filled with rubies.
  98. A barrel full of blood-covered rags.
  99. A group of runestones that can be placed in a circle.
  100. A portal to another plane of existence. Is something coming through it?

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