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100 Aerial Encounters

One hundred different creatures and sights one might find while traveling through the air.

This list was created by the great u/totallynotabeholder. Thank you for your hard work!

  1. A flock of ravens, circling around and around a fixed point on the ground.
  2. A Giant Eagle, with something glinting in its talons.
  3. A cloud that appears to be moving in the opposite direction to the prevailing winds.
  4. A Harpy, burdened with a large urn cradled carefully in its claws.
  5. An inquisitive Brass Dragon, with a terrible sense of humour.
  6. A long piece of rope, which seems to be dangling from hole in thin air.
  7. An Aarakocra patrol, tracking an escapee from the Elemental Plane of Air.
  8. A Gnome on a home-made hang glider, frantically trying to work out how to get down.
  9. A weird glowing orb, about 3 ft across, moving and stopping at irregular intervals.
  10. A dark rain cloud, which appears to be keeping pace with something on the ground.
  11. A Flying Sword, hanging motionless in the air.
  12. A Flying Carpet, riderless but with what appears to be a bulging satchel on top of it.
  13. A collection of Flumphs, undergoing what appears to be a mating ritual.
  14. A swarm of Sprites, making huge signal patterns in the fading evening light.
  15. A column of dark smoke, rising up from an isolated village.
  16. A display of fireworks, marking a celebration.
  17. An Imp, painted with runes of binding and carrying a sealed scroll.
  18. An Air Elemental, injured and having difficulty maintaining height.
  19. A Djinni, moving directly towards you with purpose and at speed.
  20. A plume of greenish-blue gas, emanating from a Wizard’s tower.
  21. A Chimera and a Manticore, engaged in furious aerial battle.
  22. A Pseudodragon, with a tail tag and broken leather leg cuff.
  23. A collection of balloons, moving of their own volition and making strange noises.
  24. A pair of Silver Dragon Wyrmlings, practicing their breath attacks.
  25. An invisible sphere hanging in the sky, miles in diameter and slowly spinning.
  26. A Broom of Flying, drifting slowly with goggles and a leather helmet strapped to it.
  27. A large levitating stone platform, hidden from the ground by a cloud like illusion.
  28. A collection of Mephits, which appear to be frantically fleeing something.
  29. A migration of Cockatrices, flying to warmer climates.
  30. A ring of Quadrones, holding hands and rotating slowly around a point in space.
  31. A stone thrown by a Giant, whistling by REALLY fast.
  32. A pillar of white light, rising towards the heavens from a source on the ground.
  33. Dancing lights, twitching and moving erratically in the sky.
  34. An Elf riding a horseless, flying chariot, leaving fiery tracks as it moves.
  35. The drifting wreck of a large airship, listing and with claw and teeth marks all over it.
  36. A Roc carrying a live cow back to its nest for its chicks.
  37. A fierce electrical storm, with flashes of lightning projecting the silhouette of a humanoid.
  38. A Wizard, trying out his home-made Boots of Levitation.
  39. Hundreds of Gas Spores, slowly rising higher into the atmosphere.
  40. An unnaturally tall tree, rising out of the canopy of a forest.
  41. Several meteors, maneuvering all by themselves.
  42. A portable hole, suspended in the air with the sound of deep breathing coming from it.
  43. An Efreeti and a Marid, floating along arguing about a glowing stone carved with runes.
  44. A narrow, jagged rift to the elemental plane of air, with an arm reaching through it.
  45. An avatar of Remnis, god of Giant Eagles, lazily cruising on the breeze.
  46. A druid, flying along on a large and roughly worked piece of stone.
  47. A Storm Giant flying tower, seemingly abandoned.
  48. An Elf riding a Griffon, armed and armoured for battle.
  49. An Orc on a Wyvern, with a bow and an empty quiver.
  50. A Pegasus, flying calmly and fitted with a saddle and armour.
  51. A group of scared looking nobles in a hot air balloon.
  52. A merchant flying along on a magical carpet, towing their wares on a giant Tenser’s Floating Disk.
  53. A company of Dwarves, huddled together in a giant doorway in the middle of a cliff face.
  54. A collection of brightly coloured flags and streamers, planted around a black stone box on a snowy mountain top.
  55. A floating stone face, that will allow you to ask it any three questions.
  56. Two elderly mages, racing brooms around a tree top course marked by ribbons.
  57. A small yellowish toxic cloud, that if attacked becomes the mist form of a Yochlol.
  58. A flock of Gargoyles, taking off from a dark, decrepit fortress.
  59. A huge humanoid made of clouds, intelligent and conversant but with no clue about its origins.
  60. A carrier pigeon bearing a magic coin, being attacked by a hawk.
  61. A cloud of Sprites, chattering and arguing about a missed opportunity.
  62. A flock of magical books, speeding in all directions away from ancient ruins.
  63. Several Will-o’-Wisps, bobbing up and down excitedly at the top of a looming, ancient marker stone.
  64. A slender 90 ft spire of a brass-like material, slowly rotating and pushing up from the earth.
  65. A malfunctioning wand, gyrating through the air and firing Magic Missiles at random directions.
  66. A rainbow bridge into the sky, slowly fading but with the distinct tang of magic from the Astral Plane.
  67. A Winged Kobold, asking piteously if you have seen which direction his tribe went.
  68. A Homunculus, scouting out partially ruined tower of burned and blackened stone.
  69. A Pegasus, teaching its foal how to fly.
  70. A column of rising and expanding steam, with a pair of singed Gnomes underneath surrounded by wreckage.
  71. A weirdly glowing, stationary cloud that whispers as you approach it.
  72. A swarm of annoying biting insects, rushing ahead of an unusual storm front.
  73. A hawker’s gyrfalcon, flitting from tree to tree and ignoring the calls of its master.
  74. A pair of Imps, squabbling over an oversized dagger with a green gemstone in the pommel.
  75. A Young Green Dragon, flying slowly and obviously badly wounded.
  76. A series of tiles floating and tumbling in the air, each bearing runes in Jotunuvar (Sky Giant language).
  77. A Green Hag on a barely working Flying Broom, crashing into everything in its path.
  78. Two Harpys, flying near the ground and carrying a brass bound chest between them.
  79. A royal messenger, wearing winged boots and carrying a wax-sealed scroll case.
  80. An unusually persistent dust devil, playing havoc with a travelling caravan.
  81. The image of a crown, projected by unknown means onto the base of nearby clouds.
  82. A raven flapping lazily along, with a leather hood and a message scroll tied to its leg.
  83. A wooden chest supported by dozens of tiny wings, heading very intensely in a straight line.
  84. Smoke signals, being made by a barbarian Orc tribe.
  85. Thousands of tiny wildflowers floating into the sky, released from the head of a Dryad.
  86. A Wasp construct, slightly larger than life and made of precious metals, bearing a maker’s mark ‘K.T.E.’.
  87. A Skywrite ritual spells out the words: BARRIER GONE, THE WAY HAS BEEN OPENED.
  88. A Wind Wall spell across a small valley, holding back a creeping finger of coloured fog.
  89. A Faerie Dragon, chasing what looks to be ball lightning.
  90. A haughty Dragonborn Wyvern rider, with a bound Orc prisoner slung across the back of his saddle.
  91. A young Human male, being born unwillingly along on wings sprouting from his back.
  92. A Djinni at leisure, lounging on a cloud and being served by a bonded Jann.
  93. A Sylph, travelling to a rare sylphmeet.
  94. A fading Air Elemental, bound to protect the body of a fallen Elven prince.
  95. An eccentric Cloud Giant runemage, reinforcing the glyphs holding up a magically solid cloud.
  96. Three black clad Gnomes, riding Giant Owls in daylight but hoping to remain unseen.
  97. A stunned looking Goliath, sprawled at the centre of a whirlwind.
  98. A Giant Bat, carrying the remains of an armoured humanoid in its claws.
  99. A small airship, with a captain and crew that obviously have no idea what they’re doing.
  100. A priest using Wind Walk for the first time, equal parts terrified and determined.

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