100 Interesting Trinkets and Minor Magic Items

One hundred interesting trinkets and minor magic items for your players to find!
One hundred interesting trinkets and minor magic items for your players to find!

This list was submitted by reddit user MeatTheBall. Thank you for all your hard work!

  1. A beautifully crafted silver pocket watch that works but the hands tick backwards.
  2. A crystalline ring in the shape of a dragon that changes colors
  3. An enchanted jar that holds a little gelatinous cube, which eats any material you drop into it.
  4. An ornate wooden music box that can play any song of your choice at the cost of 1 gold piece
  5. A hyper realistic looking wax apple
  6. A Copper ring that disappears every other day, only to reappear the following day on the finger it was put on.
  7. A human tooth, carved in the shape of a heart kept in a little glass bottle
  8. A bag of different colored rocks of various shapes and sizes
  9. A small drawing of a young man chopping wood that changes every once in awhile.
  10. A tiny pebble that inexplicably weighs 20 pounds
  11. A feather that turns black when dipped in ink
  12. A wooden hand with the ring finger missing
  13. An acorn with a little green sprout that retreats when exposed to sunlight.
  14. A clay tablet with indecipherable symbols
  15. A lock that any key can open
  16. A set of six sided dice with lewd pictures on each of the faces
  17. A spool of thread that coils up when you touch the spool.
  18. A stone that is deceptively soft and squishy.
  19. A small flute that plays the same note no matter how you blow into it or what holes you cover
  20. A gold ring where the gemstone levitates out of the socket, following wherever the ring goes
  21. A metal fork but the prongs move occasionally
  22. A small statue of a god that glows when near gold
  23. A ring that turns the finger it’s on invisible.
  24. A dodecahedron made of glass that when activated projects a night sky, complete with shooting stars and constellations.
  25. A chess board that magically moves the pieces when issued commands
  26. A golden egg that wobbles every once in awhile (After a day while attuned to it, a random pet pops out, which is friendly to the holder)
  27. A deep indigo colored sapphire, which holds a raging thunderstorm inside of it. Dark grey clouds shift inside the gemstone, and flashes of lightning streak across them from time to time.
  28. A set of dice, each made from a different precious gemstone
  29. A sphere made of steel, which has numerous rods sticking out of it. Twisting the rods in a particular order allows them to be removed, and reveal a trinket inside.
  30. A glowing orb that has a hidden button on it. Pressing it reveals several smaller orbs inside, which escape the orb and start to orbit it, like planets around a star. Pressing the button again causes the spheres to retreat back into the glowing one.
  31. A pewter figurine of a pegasus with a switch underneath it. Flipping the switch causes the pegasus’ wings to flap in unison.
  32. A honeycomb intricately carved from marble and polished to a fine finish.
  33. A jade figurine of a lion. Pulling the tail causes the lion to roar.
  34. A box with a small metal cube inside. The cube melts at the temperature of human skin, so when held, the cube melts, but when exposed to cool air, it solidifies again.
  35. A necklace with five interlocking golden rings integrated into the chain. Each ring is surrounded by tiny semi precious gemstones.
  36. A sturdy leather cord tied into an intricate knot that writhes in the hands of the holder
  37. A dwarven brass puzzle cube with runes on it. Numerous rectangular pieces are interwoven with each other, and need to be moved in a particular order to take it apart. A small sphere with the words “So you think you’re smart do you? Fuck off.” written on it.
  38. A ship in a bottle suspended above water that sloshes and froths rhythmically, regardless of whether or not it is moved or shaken. The ship bobs in the water cheerfully.
  39. A petrified giant’s toe
  40. A series of small glass spheres connected by glass beams. Each one has a different miniature creature suspended in time. There’s a Beholder, a Red Dragon, a Chimera, an Aboleth, and a Minotaur.
  41. A strangely shaped piece of whittled driftwood with dozens of holes in it. When the correct hole is blown into, it mimics the sound of the ocean
  42. A stein decorated with a design depicting a fearsome kraken tearing a ship apart during a tumultuous sea voyage. Golden threads decorate the bottom of the design and line the polished metal lid of the stein.
  43. A large button with a monarch butterfly on it.
  44. A smoking pipe that lights itself when pipeweed it put into it
  45. A crystal hanging from a silver necklace. The crystal changes color depending on the wearer’s mood.
  46. A spoon, in which the head of the spoon is connected to the handle with a chain
  47. A ram’s head made from lead that unexpectedly floats on water
  48. A small vial of ogre urine. It smells incredibly unpleasant.
  49. A heavy, cast iron frying pan with magical runes on the handle that never overcooks or burns food placed into it
  50. A tiny stuffed animal made to look like a pitch black leopard. Its eyes glow in the dark.
  51. A creepy porcelain doll that whispers to you while you sleep
  52. A gilded thimble with a golden needle tied to it with thread
  53. A deck of playing cards in which each card has an arbitrarily large number of symbols on it as opposed to the typical 2-10 of each suit. It includes cards like the 28 of clubs, the 132 of spades, and the 69 of diamonds, which has the word “Nice” written in tiny letters at the bottom of the card.
  54. A coin that when flipped remains suspended in the air, spinning indefinitely until it is grabbed again.
  55. A white cube that turns red and emits a loud noise when within 5 feet of a fire
  56. A holy symbol that when a certain part of it is pressed, reads a prayer aloud.
  57. A ball bearing that rolls back to the owner when thrown, defying gravity if it needs to.
  58. A rectangular prism with 16 buttons on it, each a different color. Pressing them causes a pleasant ringing noise like that of a bell. The pitch increases as you press the buttons from left to right.
  59. A pewter dragon wrapped around a metal cylinder. When the bottom of the cylinder is twisted, the head of the dragon produces a flame
  60. A compass that always points to you
  61. A miniature lead soldier
  62. A pocket sized book that shows a different story depending on whether it is read upside down and right side up
  63. A crumpled scrap of parchment. Each day at dawn, an inspirational message magically appears on it.
  64. A rounded pyramid made of polished granite that is inexplicably slippery and hard to pick up and hold.
  65. A pin cushion in the shape of a heart. 1d6 + 6 pins are pushed into it.
  66. A leather cord which holds a tooth from numerous different creatures, including a beholder
  67. A marble statuette of an angel holding an urn. Water trickles from the urn indefinitely.
  68. A silk handkerchief with delicate embroidery and stitching that depicts a golden sun
  69. A fruit flavored hard candy that never dissolves, wrapped in thin parchment. When taken out of your mouth, the candy dries instantly and can be rewrapped without evidence of having been eaten before.
  70. A pouch of three dimensional shapes that magically adhere to each other, allowing for them to be stacked in various shapes and designs. Applying a little bit of force allows you to pull the shapes apart.
  71. A silver bell that when shaken, produces no noise despite having a clapper.
  72. A length of string that magically ties itself into knots only to untie itself later.
  73. A mirror that shows the reflection of the player as if they were the opposite gender.
  74. A series of 5 vials in a wooden box, each filled with a bright green liquid. 4 of them contain a sweet tasting liquid, and one of them contains a horrid and acrid liquid that deals 4d6 poison damage when consumed in any quantity. They can only be distinguished by taste. The box reads: “Game of Chance”.
  75. A pouch of cubes that when dissolved in water, turn the water into a tasty broth.
  76. A jagged, misshapen, and translucent stone with a sprig of mint suspended inside. It smells faintly of peppermint.
  77. A well made hourglass with no sand inside.
  78. A small metal box filled with exotic foreign coins
  79. A large leg bone of an unknown beast, surrounded by teeth marks.
  80. A snowball that refuses to melt. When thrown, it reappears in the player’s hand 6 seconds later.
  81. A throwing knife that always strikes the target hilt first
  82. A large jar that contains a bubbling red liquid which produces no heat. When the jar is opened, the liquid disappears
  83. A bundle of dried fingers, wrapped in a bundle with twine
  84. A reinforced slingshot that requires immense strength to pull back. The slingshot has a range of (150/600), requires a Strength of 18 to use, and deals 1d10 points of bludgeoning damage on impact.
  85. A metal goblet that when filled too high, empties the contents of the goblet.
  86. A five leaf clover
  87. A tiny vial filled with a clear liquid. A label on the front reads: “Lobster Tears”. It tastes briny.
  88. A bundle of crumpled papers, each having a partially completed love poem on them. Most of the words are scribbled out and are illegible, but the intended recipient appears to be a woman by the name of Neurelia.
  89. A severed cat’s paw
  90. A journal that insults the person who opens it
  91. A metal disk that depicts writhing tentacles. The rim of the disk has the word “NEVINYRRAL” on it.
  92. The skull of a bird with an iron nail driven through it
  93. A smooth stone, that when whispered to, retains the words given to it. Putting it up to your ear reveals that the stone will repeat what was whispered to it until a new message is given to the stone.
  94. A small clay vase that is beautifully decorated with flowers
  95. A curious looking leaf that curls up when touched
  96. A jar of animal fat
  97. A small treasure chest, which has another identical one inside of it, which has another identical one inside of that one, which has another identical one inside of that one as well. The final treasure chest is empty
  98. A metal rod decorated with gilded lightning bolts that makes your hair stand up when held
  99. A petrified human hand with six fingers on it
  100. A pair of glasses that blind the wearer, but the glasses telepathically describe what the wearer would see to the wearer.

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