100+ Items You Can Catch While Fishing

Need a beach vacation? One hundred items waiting to be fished up!
Need a beach vacation? One hundred items waiting to be fished up!

This list was provided by reddit users Typedream and ajdbest1! Thank you so much for your amazing list skills!

If you’re like me, your main quest arcs may leave players bruised and battered, emotionally scarred, and desperately in need of a beach vacation. What better way to relax and kill travel time than to go on a fishing trip!

  1. Your fishing pole is pulled extremely hard and snaps almost immediately. Something massive moves deep below.
  2. An Aboleth fishing for mortals.
  3. A pissed off Xiphactinus
  4. A monstrous fish, about the size of a great white shark. It attacks the group.
  5. A rusted cutlass. It’s in terrible shape, but lots of cleaning may restore its once sharp edge.
  6. A bright, spiny drake of some sort. It looks poisonous… and mad!
  7. Five angry Kuo-toa.
  8. A tuna of some sort, but when you open its mouth to retrieve the hook, instead of a tongue, it has many-legged insect attached to the back of the fish’s throat.
  9. An pink and blue-grey eel-like creature, about three feet long, with fleshy fins and fleshy whiskers on it’s head, loose skin, and creates a seemingly endless amount of slime. Its mouth is a puckered sphincter with a toothy, vertical jawbone tucked within. It writhes while trying to get away, make a DC16 strength check to keep it in the boat.
  10. An angry marid’s hat, who is very sensitive about his newly revealed receding finline.
  11. Three angry Kuo-toa.
  12. A rusted suit of plate armor. It would take some time to clean up, but a skilled blacksmith could restore it…
  13. A boot… with a foot in it.
  14. A sultry note from a hungry mermaid asking you to jump in.
  15. An angry Kuo-toa.
  16. A boot.
  17. A clump of kelp
  18. A small, rotting, empty chest.
  19. A badly rusted sword.
  20. A somehow dry doll that looks like one of the party members. It looks kind of realistic…
  21. A poisonous jellyfish.
  22. A pufferfish
  23. A waterlogged imp who curses his master’s name before drying his wings and flapping off.
  24. A fish head. The rest seems to have been eaten by the shark swimming nearby.
  25. A 14 foot long shark! Yikes!
  26. A skull still wearing an eyepatch
  27. A detached elven ear. Are you sure you want to fish for the rest?
  28. A single tentacle, apparently from a squid, longer than your boat
  29. A shark.
  30. A barracuda
  31. A crate of 10 pairs of boots.
  32. A lost net of 2d10 shrimp.
  33. A small fish, about half the size of a sardine. Throw it back or keep it as a cute pet.
  34. The skeleton of a goblin wearing a fishbowl on its head
  35. Ouch! An electric eel! The fisherman makes a DC 13 Dexterity saving throw or takes 1d10 lightning damage!
  36. A very angry crab, brandishing its pincers threatingly.
  37. A gleaming white conch shell. You can hear the sea when you put it to your ear.
  38. A tiny seahorse, too cute to eat.
  39. A vampire squid! Spooky!
  40. A small mutated fish with stubby legs and clawless webbed feet. It’s friendly and excited to meet the party.
  41. A sawfish
  42. Just as you reel in your catch, a seal swoops in and steals your fish.
  43. A fishing rod
  44. A marlin
  45. A normal tuna
  46. A sunfish
  47. A swordfish
  48. A… Uh… Humuhumunukunukuapua’a
  49. A peg leg
  50. A mystical-looking card made from fine vellum… pick it up?
  51. A wahoo
  52. An ENORMOUS fish scale.
  53. A hollowed out coconut shell with an octopus living inside
  54. A small beige squid that glitters and sparkles with a blue light until it dies.
  55. A big fish that tries to convince the players they are not a fish and in fake is something else…
  56. A boop boop!
  57. A note of warning from a wise mermaid urging you not to swim these waters.
  58. A mahi-mahi
  59. A black musselcracker
  60. A curious suitcase sized locked trunk with no key. Roll a 1d4 to see what’s inside!
  61. A cobia! Great for ceviche!
  62. A deepwater dab
  63. Your line becomes stuck, you can either cut it loose or dive down to untangle it. It seems to be stuck on a large wooden chest.
  64. A manta ray
  65. A spiny roosterfish
  66. A barrel that is… chock full of…
  67. A magic lamp.
  68. Six sea cucumbers…
  69. A barrel of smaller barrels.
  70. A talking lobster who claims to be royalty, polymorphed by an evil pirate wizard
  71. A barrel jam packed with fifty flumphs… How did all those fit in there?
  72. A tangled fishing net, roll again on this d100 table to see what’s inside after untangling for 1d4 hours
  73. A small, alabaster statue of a puppy. It’s a good boy.
  74. A lit torch. This torch holds a magical flame.
  75. A ring holding a small glass stone… It seems to change colors with your mood – or maybe you’re starting to go crazy.
  76. A bottle of strong liquor. A dead scorpion has sunk to the bottom.
  77. A gnomish tinkerer. While extremely irritated about having the test of his new diving suit interrupted, if placated, he can quickly repair or improve equipment at reasonable prices.
  78. A see through fish that grants invisibility if eaten.
  79. A bushel of herbs – enough to season twenty meals!
  80. A fresh batch of 1d4+2 chocolate chip cookies! Strangely dry… And still hot from the oven…
  81. A mossy, waterlogged lantern. When dried, it is still slightly slippery to the touch.
  82. A rabbit’s foot – lucky! Well, unlucky for the rabbit…
  83. A wooden chest containing a set of cartographer’s tools.
  84. A message in a bottle containing a lost love letter, treasure map, hidden code, etc.
  85. A bottle of fine rum.
  86. A set of thin linen clothing. While wearing the clothes, you do not feel particularly hot or cold… (even in freezing or scorching, – yet reasonable on the material plane – weather). Ah… Just right!
  87. A curious flask… Take a sip? Whoever drinks the flask rolls a 1d10.
  88. A ghostly sailor who was rescued far too late but is grateful for the gesture before they vanish.
  89. A wet, leathery cloak. the inside is white leather, while the outside is tough, grey leather. When in water, the cloak’s texture feels quite slippery.
  90. A bottle of fine red wine! It is bound and sealed with copper thread and red wax. (100 gp)
  91. A badly rusted sword.
  92. A bag of 2d4 curious dry beans… It is oddly heavy.
  93. An ancient statue small enough to be held.
  94. A glowing green chest! Roll 2d6 to see what’s inside!
  95. An old, mossy fishing rod. Roll 1d20 to find out what’s on its line!
  96. A neon colored seaweed that can be boiled into a batch of 1d4+2 healing potions.
  97. Tankard leading to the elemental plane of water.
  98. A magical compass that still works and only points towards an island which does not appear on any maps.
  99. A glowing blue chest! Roll 2d6 to see what’s inside!
  100. A fish that grants 1 wish if released.
  101. A rough, tattered cloak stained with salt and sand. You almost didn’t notice it on the line!
  102. Ew, tentacles! Wait… A burnished steel rod which sprouts three tentacles… Still gross!
  103. A tattered black cloak. Once properly cleaned, it is soft and velvety to the touch.
  104. A mossy, grimy bow. Once cleaned off, you can see it is a masterwork Elvish bow.
  105. A glowing purple chest! Roll 2d6 to see what’s inside!
  106. A shimmering set of blue armor engraved with golden wave motifs. Tides of air seem to flow around the armor, exerting a force resisting anything that tries to touch it…
  107. A waterlogged black purple robe. When dry, inspecting the robe closely reveals multicolored swirls winding around the surface of the fabric, similar to light on a puddle of tar.
  108. A single gauntlet, crafted from gray shells and silver scales, which seem to shine with electric energy.
  109. A fragile amulet. A spherical, opalescent stone spins between intertwined platinum rings.
  110. A fish that grants 3 wishes if released, as the story

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