100 Halfling Traits

One hundred unique traits to give to your Halfling NPCs and Players!
One hundred unique traits to give to your Halfling NPCs and Players!

  1. This halfling has a song for everything, especially while walking around through nature. Many of the songs were passed down through many generations in their family.
  2. This halfling wears an eye patch because “it looks scary.”
  3. This halfling carries a comically large backpack. It might be empty, or it might hold all of their possessions.
  4. This halfling habitually flips a copper piece as they think.
  5. This halfling’s face seems to be perpetually stained by messily eating blueberries.
  6. This halfling is obese, even by halfling standards.
  7. This halfling has long sideburns, braided in a Dwarven style.
  8. This halfling carries a pouch filled with apple seeds. He sows them as he travels.
  9. This halfling has a huge gap in his front teeth. He favors chewing black root and likes to challenge others to see who can spit the furthest.
  10. This halfling carves wooden spoons in his spare time. He has no less than 12 spoons of various sizes on his person at any time and can play them as an instrument.
  11. This halfling carries a small portrait of his lost love in a locket.
  12. This halfling always carries a ceramic jug. When it’s full, he’s constantly nipping at it. When it’s empty he busks on the street playing jug tunes for coins to refill it.
  13. This halfling trains dogs, from tiny rat terriers for pest control to giant mastiffs for battle mounts.
  14. This halfling is a famous mushroom hunter.
  15. This halfling does landscape paintings. He has an entire series of his lily garden in various seasons and lighting.
  16. This halfling “borrows” food, but never pays it back.
  17. This halfling smokes mushrooms – that is, he cooks and smokes mushrooms, and is a master at it.
  18. The halfling has an elaborate birthmark across their back. They claim it’s because they are part goliath.
  19. The halfling can always smell bread baking from a mile away.
  20. The halfling carries around a small notebook where they constantly sketch any wildlife they come across.
  21. The halfling has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the local herbs and their various culinary uses.
  22. The halfling is rarely satisfied with how their room is organized, and will constantly arrange and re-arrange objects.
  23. This halfling comes from a family of beekeepers and knows all about different varieties of honey and how to use them in cooking and medicine.
  24. This halfling always has a candy sweet stashed away to give away to children and the elderly.
  25. This halfling is missing a finger. People assume it was cut off as punishment for stealing, but it was actually bitten off by a legendary fish.
  26. This halfling loves games and riddles, but is also a terrible sore loser who gets unreasonably upset when anyone wins even the most trivial of contests.
  27. In halfling circles, this halfling is a well-known chef and author of recipe books. If spotted, other halflings are constantly asking for recipes, cooking advice and an autograph.
  28. This halfling is constantly on the look out for a good fishing spot. They will go out of their way to find a river, lake or pond to fish in. When a fishing spot is not available and they are resting, they are constantly practicing their casting or making a lure. They always carry their fishing pole and tackle box with them where ever they go.
  29. This halfling is very proud of their luxurious hairy feet. They must spend a good deal of time everyday going through a regiment of shampoos, lotions, combing, brushing, curling, straightening, etc. And Yondalla forbid they were to step in anything that may smudge their feet.
  30. This halfling is a dragon-slayer, the dragon was small and very tiny but he always lies and tells of an epic fight with a giant dragon.
  31. This halfling is an expert on pumpkins, winner of a few contests and comments critically on any pumpkin he sees.
  32. This halfling has a small house pig he carries with him everywhere he goes, it’s named “Bacon”.
  33. This halfling knocks softly three times on the door-frame of any door they pass through even if they are turning around and walking straight back out.
  34. This halfling has a twin who committed a crime several years ago, and they live in constant fear of being confused for their (currently) incarcerated sibling.
  35. This halfling is famous for scathing satire performed in drag.
  36. It seems that this halfling has a preternatural sense for when someone nearby is serving fresh ale.
  37. This halfling always has a clean handkerchief on their person, seemingly produced from nowhere – even while nude.
  38. Any time a shadow passes overhead, this halfling cringes and ducks away (they had a bad experience with blackbirds as a child).
  39. This halfling is a goatherd, and while smelly and crude, they know more about goats than anyone for three day’s ride.
  40. Bearing lots of scars on their hands and arms, this halfling comes from a long line of rat catchers.
  41. This halfling can only fall sleep in very tight spaces. They prefer to sleep under the bed, rather than on it.
  42. This halfling is a sleep-eater. They get up during the night and raid the pantry or the party’s rations. When they wake up, they remember nothing.
  43. This halfling was taller than all other halflings in their village. As a result, running into taller people makes them feel insecure.
  44. This halfling was raised by dwarves and to fit in, took some potion to increase hair growth. The potion backfired and now they are completely hairless.
  45. This halfling has a dream of making a house in a dragon egg. They have overestimated how large a dragon egg is.
  46. This halfling obsessively collects and presses plants between books and notebooks. They are partial to purple flowers.
  47. This halfling has a pet snake. They are known to wear the snake like a belt and surprise people.
  48. This halfling can only bake pastries; they don’t know how to cook other food.
  49. This halfling was a groundskeeper for a rich human family and has adopted their last name.
  50. This halfling collects usually round rocks. They always have a few in their pockets and are sometimes seen juggling the rocks when they’re bored.
  51. This halfling wears stilts in order to appear taller.
  52. This halfling has one blue eye and one green eye.
  53. This halfling has a laugh as loud as a giants laugh.
  54. This halfling is superstitious. He has a “lucky” rabbit’s foot tied to his belt. He has an iron horse shoe over his doorway. He avoids black cats. He is always doing things like throwing salt over his shoulder and knocking on wood.
  55. This halfling loves to recount the tale of his mountaineering exploits. It’s clear to anyone who has ever seen a mountain that the halfling only took a lazy stroll up a high hill.
  56. This halfling is an expert storyteller of folk tales. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of nursery rhymes and fairy stories of his people.
  57. This halfling is an expert brewer. He makes the finest ales in region and makes a special draught each season that is highly sought after.
  58. This halfling is a champion rock-skipper.
  59. This halfling is glassblower. He lives near the Sea of Swords and his glass globes are used in fishing nets. He marks each one and enjoys it when one is returned to him from far away lands.
  60. This halfling is very self-conscious of his height around larger races. He’s very sensitive to any perceived slight or insult.
  61. This halfling has a short attention span. If something more interesting is happening elsewhere he can see or hear, he tends to wander off in that direction, unless obvious signs of danger grab his attention as well.
  62. This halfling is an early bird. He takes the last watch when traveling, and reads literature in the early hours as the sun cracks over the horizon.
  63. This halfling is gentle. It picks up acorns and other seeds and feeds animals along its journey.
  64. This halfling has a crippling fear of heights, to the point where they will not look out the window when on the 2nd floor or higher of a building.
  65. This halfling never turns down a game of dice.
  66. This halfling loves the feel of grassy mud. It usually keeps a clump or two in its pocket/bags.
  67. This halfling is terribly lightweight when it comes to drinking, except when it comes to super sweet honey mead. It can down more than a human considers normal.
  68. This halfling uses their buckler/shield as a dinner plate.
  69. This Halfling has one finger missing, and a different story as to what happened to it every time you ask.
  70. This halfling wears adult human commoner clothes and a pair of fancy shoes that is two sizes too big, believing to be a human under a curse.
  71. Halfling is constantly telling tails of the tall Mouther that is stalking him. It isn’t.
  72. This halfling has a lisp unless drunk.
  73. This halfling only wears blue.
  74. This halfling once slew Azathon The Red Balor… or so he says.
  75. This halfling always hums a popular tune, but refuses to even attempt to sing.
  76. This halfling carries a trunk of handmade instruments only he knows how to play because he invented them.
  77. This halfling loves hearing all the ridiculous things the Big Folk think halflings are like, and does nothing to refute them. They let them think it’s all true.
  78. This halfling carries around their genealogy wherever they go, and find their identity and direction in the stories of their ancestors. The genealogy? It’s a massive, 50lb wall hanging they stole from home… Would you like to see it?
  79. This halfling is an avid fan of Acorn Bowling, the best game in the world. They support the local team of their home village, and ask new acquaintances if they’ve heard of the team, or how they’re doing in this year’s tournaments.
  80. This halfling uses cool swears they learned off a wizard. They’re actually spouting highly specialized magic jargon.
  81. This halfling always has a fresh supply of apples on him. He takes a bite out of one after every death in combat (enemy or friend) and makes a snarky remark.
  82. This halfling is extremely attracted to “big-folk” and will go out of their way to flirt with and attempt to seduce and humans, half-orcs, half-elves, elves or elemental-kin it encounters. However, dwarves are “gross.”
  83. This halfling has a scar on their right knee, and it itches every time it’s about to turn cloudy with a surprising accuracy.
  84. This halfling is blind in his right eye and deaf in his right ear. Fortunately, his sense of smell is almost unnaturally good.
  85. This halfling believes shorter is better, and has worked their entire life to finding ways to shrink themselves until they are permanently the size of an ant.
  86. This halfling loves dancing and fire. As a bard, they’re infamous for starting fires in taverns they perform in.
  87. This halfling is an admirer of gnome culture, and does their best to be fully integrated into gnome society.
  88. This halfling is always looking for an opportunity to make a bet. What time will the sun set? How many bluebirds will fly overhead in the next hour? Who can climb fastest?
  89. This halfling always has her nose buried in a book. She’ll read anything and everything she can get her hands on, whether she owns it or not.
  90. This halfling has an oversized nose, and a corresponding overdeveloped sense of smell. He often refers to his schnoz as “the Super-Sniffer”.
  91. This halfling has a raspy, wet cough that never seems to get better, even after magical treatment.
  92. This halfling has a fascination with all untamed wild animals. Regardless of their ferociousness, his curiosity seems to make him/her completely oblivious to the threat they might pose.
  93. This halfling always has cheese in her pocket and never shares.
  94. This halfling draws mustaches on his companions while they are sleeping.
  95. This halfling breaks into bouncy skipping to keep up with other larger folk.
  96. This halfling will attempt to hold a conversation with just about any animal they meet, despite not being able to communicate with it at all.
  97. This halfling gives directions using the points of a compass instead of left or right, especially in situations in which this is decidedly not helpful.
  98. This halfling has a pet mouse that they keep in their pocket. It’s very shy and spends most of its time in there.
  99. This halfling is the heir to his family’s barber-dentist business and criticizes the oral hygiene of anyone they come across.
  100. This halfling has a coin collection, and pesters travellers to swap coins with him.

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