New PDF Available: 100 New Character Questions

A d100 list of roleplaying questions to help your further develop your new character.

Now available on the DNDSPEAK store: 100 New Character Questions! This title is available on the DNDSPEAK PATREON, and on the DNDSPEAK Store for a PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT price.

Who IS the character that you are going to be roleplaying in your tabletop game? When making a character, roleplayers often tend to focus on only a few elements that make their character unique, such as accent or quirk. Using the table below, you can roll as many questions as you would like when making a new character to help develop just WHO your character is on a more complex level. This can add so much to the roleplaying capabilities!

This title contains ONE HUNDRED different roleplaying questions to help you develop your new character!


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