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December 24, 201720min1702100
You can speak 3 additional languages, chosen by the DM, for 1d10 days. Roll on the polymorph table. You can jump four times as high for 24 hours, also all fall damage you take is divided by four for the duration. Your WIS increases by 1d4, and INT decreases by 1d4 for 2d12 hours. Grow […]


December 12, 201718min549690
One of the local hunters haulded in a big buck, so we’re having venison stew. Darkmantle soufflé, with hollandaise sauce and a fried egg on top. Griffin shanks, with secret sauce BBQ. Pseudodragon on a stick. Rack of owlbear ribs. Caramel fritters, with healing potion baked in. Blubber Baked Barnacles, local delicacy. Bobo’s JoJos (BoBo […]


December 5, 201710min203910
“I once hit a medusa so hard in the face its eyes saw each other.” “I once shouted the fire off of a burning orphanage.” “I once killed 7 men in one stroke.” “I once killed 7 flies in one stroke.” “I once lived for a year in a barren desert solely off of juice […]

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