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December 6, 201746min303940
BRONOCALOS – Demon Lord of Warped Bones and Emaciation: Bronocalos causes crippled and sickly babies to be born, people to grow hunchbacked, and limbs to atrophy. SAHARNA: Saharna’s touch makes men strong and powerful, but it also makes them slowly lose their sense of self control, eating away their ability to restrain themselves from physical […]


December 4, 20173min108910
Tombstone Wagon Wheel Wooden Oar Giant Drum Tree Stump Boulder Beehive Wooden Barrel Dragon Scale Mushrooms Tree Branch Toothpick Bag of Stolen Wheat Javelins Wooden Spear Cheese Wheel Bag of Colorful Pebbles Acorns Giant Waterskin Mammoth Tusk Boat Anchor Bag of Pipeweed Giant Club Tattered Banners Live Goat Empty Bottle Large Bag of Salt Large […]

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