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January 2, 201831min1589080
A farmer approaches the party and needs help. One of his chickens turns a strange neon green when placed in moonlight, and he needs help figuring out why. Your party finds a list of 10 names including someone they are close to. The first 4 names are crossed out. A courier catches up to the […]


December 21, 201742min250530
The Figulari, they disguise their actions in public as the Potter’s Guild. In truth they construct enchanted clay traps that capture the souls of their political opponents. Their members are referred to as “Clayed Men”. Magitologists; a large well known cult in certain parts of the world. Started by psychic writer L Rob Hupyard, they […]


December 12, 201725min479600
The afflicted thinks every other creature is more powerful than it, and treats them with either respect or fear. The afflicted thinks its power became overwhelming, and hardly ever attacks out of fear of breaking the world. You realize you are in a game, and everything that makes you the person you are is just […]


December 5, 201716min1110000
You’re a vegan, and make sure everyone you meet knows. You’re obsessed with personal hygiene. You don’t like people you don’t already know. People can still make it into your good graces as you get to know them. You hate getting wet. So much so, you can’t even remember the last time you bathed. You […]


December 4, 20174min144310
___ of the Seven Potencies Grand Terakion ___ ___ Wizard of the Twelfth Realm of Ephysities ____, Master of Light and Shadow ___, Manipulator of Magical Delights ___, Devourer of Chaos ___, Champion of the Great Halls of Terr’akkas ___, The White Crow ___, Bringer of ___, The Prophesied ___, Benevolent Bringer of Chaos ___, […]


December 4, 201741min298460
While dead, the character kept having the feeling of drowning. When brought back, the character is forever scared to death by water. You suddenly speak and read a random language (possibly DMs choice) and have lost the ability to speak one. While you’re alive, the resurrection was not a complete success. You’ve lost use of […]

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