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January 11, 20188min420270
Tell us a story about… Love Battle (before the events of the campaign) Hardship A personal triumph Friendship Family Faith or religion Survival Good Evil Politics A formative event in the your life Your personal philosophy Your culture A culture you have experienced unlike your own One of your hobbies Your passion Recent events (your […]


December 5, 201710min204130
“I once hit a medusa so hard in the face its eyes saw each other.” “I once shouted the fire off of a burning orphanage.” “I once killed 7 men in one stroke.” “I once killed 7 flies in one stroke.” “I once lived for a year in a barren desert solely off of juice […]


December 4, 201743min373850
Need some extra content for your Tomb of Annihilation game? Going to a jungle soon? Check these out! The party comes across a cave filled with mushrooms that emit a strange blue glow. Whoever is last in the party feels a small tug on their pant leg. When they look down, a Chwinga is offering […]

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