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December 9, 201714min150860
Great tusks protrude out of the sides of this Orc’s mouth, rounding into almost a perfect C-shape. The ends of the tusks are shaved to a fine point. Bony protrusions poke out from the brow. This orcs tusks point downwards, like a walrus or vampire, and curve outward. The orc’s ear had been modified to […]


December 4, 201711min496720
Patches of red scales along the Tiefling’s arms. Tiefling’s eye color is inverted in their reflections. Sheds skin once every 66 days, in the 6 days up to the molting the skin becomes gray and flakey, until it can be peeled off. Horns grow forever, and must be filed weekly before becoming heavy and hindering. […]


December 4, 201712min207440
A long, glorious beard. Each braid represents another person that has asked him what the braids mean. The npc has a cleft cut into their nose. The npc has many tiny tattoos across their face starting from the corner of their mouth to the edge of their eye. The npc has an extra hand coming […]

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